Patient Review

This was my first time with a root canal, being said, I had to have 2 root canals along with an extraction the same day. Dr Stratton was excellent, he cared about my overall health, my comfort while I was going through the procedures, and even my current financial needs to help me through many years of neglect with my teeth. Dr Stratton and his assistant Christie, did an awesome job keeping me comfortable for the almost 3 hours I was there. I was a difficult case cause some of the numbing medications didn't take effect all the way with one of the nerves, he tried 3 additional times to make sure I was comfortable for one of two teeth I had a root canal on, he truly doesn't want this to be a bad experience. Dr Stratton was diligent, patient, and empathetic to all of my needs from start to finish. I wish I could only find a regular dentist that had his demeanor and caring personality for patient comfort in the dentistry field. If I could find one like him I wouldn't have spent many years not going to a dentist. I will be back in a few months for 2 additional root canals on the other side that are needing to be done soon. Keep up the great work!

- Shane K

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