Patient Review

My experience with Dr. Stratton started out with the news that a root canal performed by my regular dentist was not done properly. Only two of the roots had been removed and so the third root had been left in error, and had been infected for a long time. I could see clearly on his advanced x-rays that there was a problem, and that Dr. Stratton would have to replace the root canal completely. He took the time to explain what-all had to be done, and assured me that a root canal didn't have to hurt. ( I didn't fully believe him due to my prior experience with my old dentist.) His technique, skills and up-to-date equipment actually made the procedure pain- free. I did not believe it was possible, but it is true. I sure wish I had found Dr. Stratton to perform my root canal the first time it was done. I would recommend him to anyone, and I will NEVER have a root canal done by a regular dentist if I have any say about the matter.

- Nancy O

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