Patient Review

I had gone to the dentist who spotted a problem in an old root canal and recommended Clear Creek Endo. I got in really soon for a consultation and Dr. Ryan Stratton explained the problem to me. When I came in for the treatment, I was really scared, since it was a failed root canal someone else had done and was not sure what was involved. Seems like I have curved roots and the prior doc didn't even get all the roots done and there was infection. Ryan explained what he was going to do and proceeded in giving me the best numbing shot I have ever had. Absolutely no pain involved at all! They explained aftercare very well and I am confident the issue has been resolved. If I ever have to have another root canal or anyone I care about has to have one, I will recommend Clear Creek Endo and I know I will not go anywhere else! His dental assistant and Dr. Stratton work so well together, I was really impressed. Great team! Thank you.

- Pam P

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