Endodontic Procedures for Arvada & Westminster CO

Many people think of an endodontist as “the dentist who does root canals.” While this is true, it is not the whole story. Endodontists are dentists who have gone through extensive additional training in endodontic treatments. Any procedure involving the pulp or nerves inside the teeth is an endodontic procedure. While root canals are certainly a part of this, it is not all we do. Whenever possible, we focus on saving your tooth using various methods. The ultimate goal is to maintain healthy teeth and gums without removing any teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal is recommended when a dentist has determined there is no other way to save a tooth. This is the procedure most commonly referred to endodontists. It is a complex procedure requiring steady hands, experience, and precision to successfully remove the damaged or diseased pulp in the teeth and restore the tooth. Usually, the tooth has severe decay, infection, or large cracks or fractures, and removing the pulp is the only way to alleviate pain and preserve the tooth.


We are proud to offer GentleWave® treatment in conjunction with traditional root canals to thoroughly clean and disinfect the canals of an infected tooth. GentleWave uses a combination of water and modulated sound waves to flush debris, bacteria, and infection out of the tooth’s canals after removing the pulp. With GentleWave, root canals are more likely to be successful over time.

Endodontic Retreatment

Even a successfully administered root canal can fail in the future. A new cavity may develop, the tooth canal may be exposed due to a loose crown or crack, or the initial root canal procedure may not have sufficiently cleaned the canal. This may happen due to a curved or narrow canal. Endodontic retreatment eliminates recurring infections and salvages the tooth.


Although a root canal can usually save a damaged or diseased tooth, there are times when the damage is so deep-seated that endodontic surgery is needed. During an apicoectomy, a small hole is made in the gums at the tooth’s root to gain access to the infection or damage. During an apicoectomy, we can locate hidden canals, cracks, or fractures not visible in x-rays. The area is cleaned, the root tip is removed, and the remaining root is filled to prevent reinfection.

Cracked Teeth Treatment

A cracked tooth often leads to pain and infection because chewing forces the tooth’s enamel and dentin open, exposing the pulp. Pain that is intermittent and sometimes sharp may indicate a cracked tooth. The likely results of an untreated, cracked tooth are pain and infection that spreads to the surrounding gum tissue and jawbone. Early intervention by Dr. Stratton can eliminate any pain and save the tooth.

Traumatic Injuries

One of the essential services we offer is the emergency treatment of traumatic injuries to the teeth. If your tooth is knocked out, seeing an endodontist immediately is your best chance of saving the tooth. Teeth knocked loose or pushed deeper into the jawbone and gums are also emergencies. Repositioning, root canals, and stabilization may be required for some traumatic injuries.

Clear Creek Endodontics offers emergency, same-day endodontic appointments every Monday – Friday afternoon. If your tooth is lost or loose, please call us at Clear Creek Endodontics Phone Number 303-432-3636. We will make your care and comfort our priority.