Cracked Teeth Treatment for Arvada & Westminster CO

The most common symptoms of a cracked tooth include pain (mainly when chewing), sensitivity to hot and cold, and release of biting pressure. If you have severe tooth pain or pain that comes and goes, you may need cracked tooth treatment to alleviate the pain and repair the tooth.

When you bite down on a cracked tooth, the pulp may be exposed as the sections of the tooth shift. The crack can snap shut when you stop chewing, causing a brief, stabbing pain. The exposed pulp in a cracked tooth can quickly become irritated, leading to constant pain and even infection.

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Types of Cracked Teeth

Not all dental cracks require immediate treatment. Some are harmless, others may need to be monitored, but the majority require intervention to stop the damage from widening, lengthening, or exposing the tooth’s pulp.

Craze Lines Rendered Example

Craze lines

Thin hairline cracks in the enamel are not usually a health concern. Craze lines do not damage the tooth and are more of a cosmetic problem. Many older adults develop craze lines as they age.

An example of a tooth with a fractured cusp

Fractured Cusp

The top part of the tooth, or cusp, may crack if damaged or weakened. Damage to the pulp is rare, but a crown needs to be placed over a fractured cusp to prevent the fracture from spreading and protect the tooth’s structure.

A sample of a tooth showing a treatable cracked tooth

Treatable Cracked Tooth

If a crack extends from the tooth’s surface towards the root, it is often treatable. A root canal may be needed if the crack goes below the gum line or along the root. It is essential to treat this type of crack before it worsens to prevent tooth loss.

A depiction of a tooth split with distinct segments

Split Tooth

If a cracked tooth is not treated, it often leads to a split tooth with distinct segments. The split runs the entire length of the tooth, separating it into two or more pieces. A split tooth cannot be saved intact, but a portion of the tooth may be salvageable. If our doctors can save part of your tooth, your dentist may be able to perform a dental restoration.

An example of a vertical fracture starting at the tooth's root

Vertical Root Fracture

A vertical root fracture is unusual, starting at the tooth’s root and moving toward the visible portion of the tooth. Vertical fractures often go unnoticed because they do not have early symptoms. Endodontic surgery is performed to remove the damaged root tip and save the tooth if possible. If the damage is too severe, the tooth must be extracted.

Cracked teeth require early treatment. If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, please call our office at Clear Creek Endodontics Phone Number 303-432-3636 immediately. We offer same-day appointments Monday through Friday for dental emergencies.